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NZ Pug Rescue provide educational breed information and co-ordinate Pug Rescue/re-housing New Zealand wide.

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Wellington Pug Dog Club established a policy in 1999, for the rescue and re-homing of Pugs. At this time a Health and Welfare fund was set up to cover costs involved with taking care of these dogs. With the increasing popularity of the breed was the concern of more back yard breeding, Pugs being purchased on impulse by people who were not fully aware of what Pug ownership involves, hence the possibility of more Pugs needing rescue and re-homing.

We coordinate Pug Rescue/ re-housing NZ Wide.

We take in Pugs of any age, including those with health issues. Most are able to be placed into pre-approved new loving homes. Those that are unable to be placed because of age or health problems get to live out their lives in one of our own homes. We accept Pugs from all sources e.g. Animal Control, other Animal Welfare Organisations or owners who can no longer care for their dog.

Unfortunately our breed is one that has several health issues and few breeders who do adequate health testing of breeding stock. Quite a few new owners purchase puppies unaware of many aspects of this breed and what is involved with owning the Pug. Because of this an important part of what we do is in supplying breed information to prospective owners. We feel it is very important that people are as educated as possible, BEFORE they purchase. We can provide comprehensive breed information. If you wish to contact us through nzpugrescue@gmail.com with your full contact details we can send you the information.

We strongly recommend prospective Pug owners to NOT buy a Pug puppy from a Petshop or any online auction site. Animals purchased via these means are usually being bred purely for monetary gain & little thought is given to the care in which they are produced. Buyers have little guarantee as to parentage of such puppies, health history of parents and how the puppies have been raised. It is very much BUYER BEWARE!

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If you know of a Pug in need of our help, would like to fundraise or donate to this worthy cause please contact us via email or through our facebook page.

Brenda, Head Pug Slave @ NZ Pug Rescue