New Zealand Pug Rescue

Breed info, Rescue & Re-homing of Pug dogs.

Thinking About Getting A Pug?

We know we’re biased but we believe Pugs make great pets.


They do however have their behavioural quirks, breed specific health issues and other ‘special’ needs that you should be aware of before allowing yourself to be owned by one.

Please read our breed info sheets found on the All About Pugs page and get in touch if you have any further questions about the small but mighty pug!

Adopt a Rescue Pug

Please note we are very fortunate to have more than enough households on our waiting list at the moment and are therefore are not currently accepting new applications to adopt a Pug Rescue pug.

We will update via this website and our facebook page if that changes.

Want to help NZ pug rescue?

“How can I help?”
We often get asked this question. Whilst we rely on fundraising and donations to help with much of the costs involved, you could also help by donating a bag of dog food which is always gratefully received.

Over the last year we have made a move towards supporting NZ pet food makers as much as possible. Especially when we have some who are making such great products.

The NZ Natural Pet Food Co WOOF freeze dried food is a favourite. Specifically the BrushTail Possum and the Wild Goat formulas.

The Pugs also enjoy ZiwiPeak Air Dried food; Mackerel and Lamb; Kaimata Wild Rabbit freeze dried food and Kaimata Lamb Green Tripe treats.

We already purchase these products so if you can donate a bag to Pug Rescue our details are already with the suppliers.

We regularly run fundraisers, raffles, and Hug A Pug NZ  run hug a pug events to raise money, follow our facebook page to be kept up to date of these.

We’ve also set up a Give A Little page to accept debit/ credit card donations, or email us for our bank details if you’d prefer to donate that way.

Need More Info?

Get in touch

If you know of a Pug in need of our help, would like to fundraise or donate to this worthy cause please contact us via email or through our facebook page.

Brenda, Head Pug Slave @ NZ Pug Rescue